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Coming tomorrow:

|  The Poetry World of Jim Slominski                                    


Each day I will offer up a collection of three poems, chosen from new writings or from some of my award-winning books. They will be the musings and plainsongs of a father, husband, nurseryman, musician, farmer, cyclist, philosopher, poet, programmer, and the many other skins that I wear each day. They will be about family, the natural world, and the wide, wild landscape that lies within. Some will be old, some new. Like every one of us - they will come and they will go. Please visit each week to enjoy a new collection.

These poems can be shared or used however you wish. I only ask that they not be collected and redistributed for profit, and that in all instances, whether the poems are used in full or partially, that the author, poem title, book title, publisher, and year be cited.